Centrifugal Dryer

  • The PSL series centrifugal dryer is Sino-Alloy’s solution for drying plastic or rubber pellets.


It’s an important accessory for plastic pellet formation and water ring pelletization. The PSL centrifugal dryer utilizes high-speed centrifugal force in combination with forced air flow and evaporation to dry the pellets.
The plastic or rubber pellets from a PSQ under water pelletizer or a PSF water ring pelletizer are put through a four-stage process: draining, centrifugal drying, heat evaporation, and transporting.
The PSL centrifugal dryer has superior performance over old vibrating dryers in terms of drying efficiency, throughput, space saving, and noise level. It’s the most popular and advanced design of its kind on the market. The PSL centrifugal dryer can be a great replacement for old vibrating dryers.


Model PSL05 PSL20 PSL35 PSL60
Max Throughput (kg/hr) 30 250 700 1500
Motor Power (kW) 0.75 1.5 4 15
Rotation Speed (rpm) 1750 1710 1740 1750
Moisture Aspirator Motor (kW) N/A 0.37 0.75 N/A
Power of Water Pump (kW) 0.75 1.5 3.75 5.5
Discharge Capacity (L/min) 38 140 400 700
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