• The PSN series separator is Sino-Alloy’s solution for separation of rubber or plastic pellets.


It is also an important accessory for plastic and rubber strand pelletizer process and pellet making, underwater pellet making, water ring pellet making and air cooled pellet making.
The PSN separator has a powerful high capacity vibrating motor. When matched with an open structure and screen mesh, it can effectively screen out both over-sized and under-sized pellets, permitting only the correctly sized pellets to enter the loader.
Furthermore, the PSN separator has optional air cooling and dehumidifying functions to further reduce the heat and moisture of the pellets to ensure completely dry and cool pellets as required.


Model PSN45 PSN70 PSN90
Motor Power (kW) 0.25 2 x 0.25 2 x 0.37
Screening Capacity (kg/hr) 400 1000 2000
Primary Screen (mm) Ø2 + Ø6 Ø6 Ø8
Secondary Screen (mm) Ø2 Ø2 Ø2
Motor Power of Blower (kW) N/A 0.37 0.75
Blower Capacity (m3 /min) N/A 15/17 23/25
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